Znüni News – Friday March 12

The government is meeting today to discuss the potential lifting of further restrictions as of March 22nd. These would include allowing up to 10 people to meet in private, cultural and sport activities resuming with a reduced audience and restaurants terraces opening. However this is all dependent on the 5 criteria points being met and, unfortunately, 4 of the 5 of these conditions are not. Namely, the R rate is currently at 1.07 instead of being below 1, the test positivity rate is 5,2% (instead of 5 or less), and the number of infections per 100 000 is higher than it was on March 1st (174,76 instead of 165,9). The only value being met is the number of intensive beds being used by Covid-19 patients: 174 (250 would be the maximum). Unfortunately none of this bodes well for further restrictions being lifted, but we will see (and share) what the government will decide to do.

In Ebikon, a 64 year old Swiss man has been condemned to pay CHF 7000.- out to a Turkish man he verbally assaulted in June 2020. The confrontation took place in front of a Shisha bar where the man let his temper get the better of him and used many racial slurs towards the victim. As he was on probation for a similar incident the year before, he was condemned to pay out, and faced further charges for another incident which took place in August 2020 where he threatened to kill his neighbour. He was condemned to pay CHF 4000.- for that incident.

Last night saw strong winds (up to 140 km/h in Lucerne) blow across the country causing damage but no injuries, today will be a brief respite before the next storm which will arrive tomorrow and bring colder temperatures and snow down to 700 meters. The colder temperatures will remain until at least the middle of next week.

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