Znüni News – Friday June 4

A wolf has been sighted in Kriens! Last night a shepherd was able to make a video of the animal as it ambled down a road. Last November a wolf had been sighted around Hergiswald, the assumption is that it is the same wolf known as M131. The canton is asking that people be careful and keep their animals on leashes when walking in the forest and at night in safe enclosures wherever possible.

It is a known fact that Lucerne would rather people did not use cars and switched to public transport or bikes instead. Which is why it comes as no surprise that in a national study on the cost of monthly parking passes issued by cities, Lucerne is the second most expensive city in the country. It charges CHF 600.- per month for a parking pass, whereas Zurich charges CHF 300.- and Geneva CHF 200.-; only Winterthur charges more at CHF 710.- Should people agree to the motion to up the prices on June 13., Lucerne would then become the most expensive city charging CHF 800.- per month.

As of June 7. do not be surprised to see a car with cameras going up and down your street. Google is updating the pictures it uses for its Google Maps Street View, the pictures it took in 2019 will be shown as of this month, and the pictures it takes this month will be available to view as November 2021. Google assures that all faces and number plates are blurred so as not to be recognisable.

If you are planning to fly somewhere on holiday make sure to factor in plenty of time for all the extra security checks required. Zurich and Geneva airports are asking passengers to arrive at least 2 hours prior to departure and check what the latest requirements are.

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