Znüni News – Friday June 11

A survey of 4500 Swiss voted the US vegan brand “Beyond Meat” brand of the year, closely followed by the Swiss homeopathic brand “A.Vogel”. The grill company Weber, Zweifel Chips, Lindt, Kamby, Ovomaltine and Victorinox were all in the top ten of favourite brands in Switzerland.

Lucerne needs more motorbike parking spots, such is the decision made by the city council. In order to create up to 300 new (paying) spots for motorbikes, the city will remove 35 parking spaces for cars. It is unclear when this will be implemented.

Home office should become a recognised form of working place. As a consequence of the pandemic and the fact that half the population had to work from home, it seems that more and more companies want to, at least part of the time, offer home office as a viable way to work. This would mean that the laws regulating work wil need to be adapted. Especially when it comes to how the cost for extra electricity, better wifi etc… should be regulated. Seven association representing trade and work are currently working together to figure out what the new laws should be.

This Saturday you can expect chaos downtown as two demonstrations both without permits will be taking place. The first demonstration is against the Corona rules implemented by the government, whilst the second demonstration is demonstrating against the fact that the first demonstration is taking place! The police is informed and will act accordingly to ensure that downtown doesn’t become blocked for traffic or pedestrians. The police are asking that, at a minimum, people wishing to take part in either demonstration should to wear a mask.

It’s going to be a beautiful hot weekend, enjoy safely and beware of jumping into the lake to cool down as the water is still quite cold. Here is a post we wrote on recognising the signs of drowning.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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