Znüni News – Friday July 2

Switzerland ranks 38th out of 41 countries for good quality child care according to a study made for Unicef. Only Cyprus, the USA and Slovakia have a worst records when it comes to offering good child care. This study took into account the amount of leave afforded to both parents, the access to child care, its quality and affordability. Luxembourg came in at number one of the list followed by Iceland, Sweden and Norway.

A court case is being played out in Tessin, the accused is a 71 year old German woman who ran a machine trading company based in Lucerne. She is accused of having conned banks out of 400 million francs for her private use, the company has since gone bust. The woman claims that she is being used as a scapegoat. She claims that she never was the boss and can’t imagine why anyone would think this; although she signed the contracts with banks, providers and clients and paid salaries. She further claims that she definitely didn’t use the money on herself, despite proof of her spending over one million francs on clothes, having plastic surgery paid for by the company and spending close to 10 million francs in cash. The court will make its ruling on August 30.

Switzerland will be playing against Spain tonight hoping to win a place in the semi-finals of the Euro 2020. If you want to go to a public viewing this website shows you all the places in town which will be showing the match.

Tomorrow the Luzern Tanz festival will be taking place in the streets of Lucerne, it is a great opportunity to see some culture for free. More information here.

Have a lovely weekend!

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