Znüni News – Friday January 29

It’s snowing! It’s raining! It’s windy! a LOT! Meteo Swiss has put out a warning that due to the current stormy conditions people should not go for walks in forests and definitely not head into the snow. The avalanche level has reached maximum level (5) in several areas and is on level 4 in others. This is because of the mass of fresh snow, the rain and warmer temperatures which mean that avalanches can happen at any time. In the canton of Wallis people are being asked to stay at home. Several roads are currently closed due to the high risk of avalanches or land slides. You can find out the current situation by going here.

Larger verssels are currently not allowed on the Rhein in Basel river, as it has already breached the high water marker of 7m90 and more rain and melted snow is expected to flow into it.

The rain, warm temperatures and wind will continue over most of the weekend.

Switzerland will be Carbon Neutral by 2050, this is the goal the government has set for itself. By 2030 carbon emissions are to be reduced by 50%, and this news seems to please noone. Whereas climate activists protest that it’s too little too late, the business sector is crying that it’s too much too soon. The debate as to how much this is going to cost and who should pay is also ongoing. In any case expect many referendums on the topic in the coming years.

20% of Swiss are dual-nationals, this is a growth of 5% compared to a decade ago. The most common second nationalities are italian, french and german. 35% of dual-nationals were born here and 65% became Swiss citizens by choice.

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