Znüni News – Friday January 19

Today money is the subject that has locals in an uproar, more specifically a charge for CHF 1.50. If you are a car owner you will have received your yearly bill allowing you to drive your car. On the bill there is a new additional charge for CHF 1.50, this is because you are getting the bill via mail. Had you switched to online billing you wouldn’t have to pay this fee. The problem is that the town only communicated this extra cost on December 20, giving people only 10 days to make the switch. The consumer protection agency argues that this was too short a notice and encourages people to boycott paying the extra CHF 1.50. The town sticks to its guns, claiming that they gave people ample time to implement the change (It was published in the Kantonsblatt).

If you want to save the CHF 1.50, you can get the information on how to switch to ebanking here.


The European Union has handed the Swiss an olive branch by suggesting that any issues between Switzerland and Europe could be presented to a common arbitration committee made up of a Swiss judge, an European judge and a third judge agreed on by both parties. This is to help deal with the complex issues arising from the bilateral agreement between Europe and Switzerland.


Yodeling has been given its “letter of noblesse” by the Music Department at the Lucerne Hochschule. As of September this singing style will be taught by Nadja Räs, who is currently considered as the best yodeler in Switzerland.


Finally, storm “Friederike” blew through last night leaving only mild damage here; not so in Germany and Holland where 8 people died. Hopefully the weather is going to quiet down now for a while.


[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Words of the day: “Isch es s’Bueb oder s’Meitli?” Is it a boy or a girl?[/perfectpullquote]


Fancy practicing your yodeling skills? Here one of the more unconventional Yodeling group’s offer you a chance to yodel along!


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