Znüni News – Friday February 10.

In central Switzerland between 2200 and 3200 burglaries take place every year. A study has shown that thieves prefer to strike towns that are close to a highway exit. Gisikon has the highest percentage of burglaries per 100 inhabitants: 3.65%; followed by Lucerne 3.61%, Zug 2.16% and Sursee 2%. There have been no burglaries in either Romoos or Riemenstalden. Burglaries tend to happen early evening and more often than not, the thieves will find an unlocked window or door to break into and steal jewellery and cash.

30% of the population feel that they have been discriminated against whether because of the colour of their skin, the language they speak, their gender, religion or sexual preference. 50% of youths of international origin aged between 15 and 24 state that they have been discriminated against. At the same time 60% of the population feel that racism is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. 3.2% of the population is uneasy in the presence of someone of a different skin colour, 4.6% if the person is of a different nationality and 9.6% if the person speaks another language.

Riz Casimir, the Swiss chicken & rice speciality which is made with pineapple, curry sauce, and various fruits has been named one of the worst tasting dishes in the world. This according to Taste Atlas, an online culinary encyclopedia which rated over 10 000 dishes. Riz Casimir was in the top 20 worst dishes. This does not stop this dish from remaining a national favourite which continues to be served in various restaurants throughout the region.

The LiLi Centre will be closed from the 13. of February until the 26. when we will reopen to welcome you, during that time I will also be taking a break from writing the Znüni News.

Enjoy a Rüüdig Fasnacht! and remember to “Bruueellee!!” (yell or shout in joy at it being the 5th season).

You can read all about this year’s Fasnacht in our different posts: A brief history of Fasnacht, The 2023 Programme and what to wear.

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