Znüni News – Friday December 3

2000 staff and pupils from an international school near Geneva have had to go into quarantine after two cases of Omicron were found there.

Meanwhile several cantons are resisting the call for repetitive testing in all schools, saying that this is logistically virtually impossible.

The hospitals are starting to feel the burden of more and more Covid patients in their ICUs. In central Switzerland 95% of these patients are unvaccinated.

Later today the government will be announcing the new measures it will implement nationwide. Rumour has it that travel ban and quarantine will be lifted, let’s keep our fingers crossed. We will share the definite news with you as soon as we hear it.

The snow will continue to fall over the weekend. Keep an eye out for our post coming out tomorrow on when our regional ski resorts will be reopening.

On Saturday, the LiLi Centre will be opening its pop-up Christmas market with 15 vendors offering a wide range of products from locally crafted beers, chutneys, spices and cookies, to jewellery, bags, and gorgeous wood accessories and more.

Plant will be serving up an amazing vegan Christmas lunch (with pudding), Santa is visiting and there will be Christmas cookie decorating. We hope to see you there!

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