Znüni News – Friday December 18

For those who live in Lucerne and who have children, today is the last day of school for this year! Holidays begin tonight! Whereas a select few will be going home for the holidays, the rest of us will be staycationing and, probably wondering what we will be “allowed” to do with our kids. This afternoon’s conference should bring clarity as to whether we are going back into lockdown or face softer measures in the coming weeks.

One things seems certain, unlike Nidwalden and Zürich where 3 days to 1 week have been added, there will not be a holiday extension for school kids. The thinking in those cantons was that should the children be infected over Christmas it would be a mini-quarantine before school resumes. In Lucerne, the thinking is that children need to be in school regardless.

Want to know where people get infected the most with the virus? 1: is family gatherings (29.6%), 2: – not a clue! (29.5%), 3: socialising (16.7%), 4: the workplace (11%). Restaurants & bars are (2.8%) of cases, schools are less than 2%.

One very probably activity which will be done with kids is the baking of homemade cookies, and this has led the country to a butter shortage. On the one hand milk producers find it more profitable to see their milk go to cheese production so have reduced their butter production to under 40 000 tons, on the other people wanting to bake has made the need for butter surge. In all, this year, 6000 tons of European butter will be imported to help all those young bakers make the best cookies ever! Merry Baking to you!

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