Znüni News – Friday December 11

The government will be holding its press conference later today, to announce which measures we will have to follow in order to slow down the spread of the virus. We will be sharing the announcement with you.

Meanwhile the rest of the world is looking on in astonishment at Switzerland‘s lack of harsh measures, with one US senator comparing the country to a dirty swimming pool and France congratulating itself for having managed to reduced its number of cases much further than us (comparitively).

In the meantime Swiss children are looking over at Germany‘s rules for schools with longing. There, it has been decided that schools will remain closed from December 16 to January 10, in order to shrink the number of people kids come into contact with. It seems very unlikely that Switzerland will follow suit.

After deciding that trains would no longer run between Switzerland and Italy, the government reversed its decision and has resumed train traffic between the two countries. The reason originally given was that the Italians had put new measures in place requiring all passengers to have their temperatures checked, show a negative corona test and that the trains only be at 50% capacity. A solution seems to have been found with a reduced train schedule and the controls being made at Chiasso and Domodossola by Italian controllers.

You may have heard of the appearance of the mysterious monolith in Utah? a 2.7 meter high monolith appeared in the Utah desert a month ago, then disappeared again only to „reappear“ in Romania. It then disappeared from there and yesterday was found for a few hours in the canton of Aargau before disappearing again. A clear homage to Stanley Kubrik‘s „a space odyssey“, I think the public is left more bemused by how the artist can go from country to country without facing quarantine, than whether aliens are really visiting us and leaving their artwork around!

Monolith at Schloss Liebegg

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