Znüni News – Friday 4. March 2022

Today the government will be announcing how they will be dealing with Ukrainian asylum seekers. We will be publishing an article with more details later today.

We are writing several articles on the topic of war in the Ukraine and how it could affect Switzerland, as well as setting up the LiLi Centre as a drop off centre for goods to be sent to the embassy of Ukraine (more details later).

If you want to join in a protest against this war, there will be a gathering at 19.00 tonight at the Kornmarkt square. You are encouraged to bring a candle to symbolize peace.

It seems like we have nearly forgotten about Covid-19 but numbers are rising again due to the new Omicron variant which is even more infectious than the previous one. It is now estimated that 50% of the population has had at least one form of the virus. Luckily it doesn’t lead to worst symptoms and the number of people hospitalised continues to drop.

The Paralympic games are due to begin today against a background of war and Covid. The Russian and Belarus athletes were banned from the games yesterday, and Covid cases have the organisers on their toes. The games will begin with a big ceremony at 12.50 our time and will last until March 13.

It will be a sunny and spring-like weekend. Enjoy the weather!

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