Znüni Money Buzz – October 13.

Financial Highlights in Switzerland

In Switzerland inflation is still at 3.3%, and we notice it in our wallets. Pensioners feel it more because their income is fix. For that reason, on Wednesday, the bundesrat decided to increase pensions by 2.5% next year, as SRF said. The minimum pension will increase 30CHF to 1.225CHF, and the maximum will be 60CHF higher to 2.450CHF.

The public services union (VPOD/SSP) said on Tuesday, Swissport employees will receive at least a 4% pay rise and a one-off payment of 500CHF in 2023. Swissport still needs to approve these measures to be included on the new collective labor agreement, but they are satisfied with the results.

Talent Kick was a program that helped Masters and Ph.D. students seeking to gain entrepreneurial experience and find a co-founder with a complementary skillset to build a business. The projects were impressive and with ambitious goals to transform their respective industries. Fifteen of the 22 teams in the program have each received the Spark Kick Award prize of 5000CHF to advance their projects.

Financial Highlights in the World

UK: The British economy contracted by 0.3% month-over-month in August 2022. The shrinking household finances might be weighing on the economic growth and likely to have caused UK Economy to enter into a technical recession.

FRANCE: Striking French fuel refinery workers voted Wednesday to continue, defying the government that began ordering some of them back to work in a bid to get supplies flowing. Workers who refuse go to work will risk fines or jail time. 

Financial Highlights in Swiss Companies

Alpian launches FINMA-licensed digital private bank with a hybrid model which combines a secure, state-of-the-art banking platform with the support and guidance of Alpian’s experienced wealth advisors. 

You can have a bank account with four currencies under the same IBAN, and as a key differentiator to other Neo banks, the clients will have the ability to schedule an in-app video call with Swiss-based wealth advisors to address any questions or concerns. The human touch is an integral part of the value proposition. The competitive management fee of 0.75% also sets a new industry standard for private banking.

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