Writing a C.V. for the Swiss Market

It comes as no surprise that different cultures expect different kinds of résumés and Switzerland is no exception. So before you reuse your old C.V. for a job in the Swiss market, we suggest that you spend some time making sure you have these points checked.

  • Do not create a generic résumé that you then send out to every job you apply for, put some thought into each job application and tailor your résumé accordingly.
  • After your cover letter, which should be personalised for the position you are applying for and highlights your motivation and perfect fit for the job, the next thing that will come under scrutiny is the front page of your C.V.
  • Contrary to most other places Swiss employers do want to know what you look like, how old you are and what your marital status is, so make sure that the front page of your résumé addresses these points.
  • Invest in some professional photographs, be sure to look professional and friendly, our partner Andaleeb Linley offers some great corporate shot deals.
  • Include your name, address, phone number, email, birth date and civil status (if you have a work permit be sure to put it here too).
  • Highlight your USPs. List five strong points, ideally pick things that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

The rest of you C.V. should include your professional experiences, your education, your language skills and your hobbies and any volunteering work you might be involved in.

It is good practice to list any references you may have.

Our J.I.F.F. group runs regular workshop on writing a C.V. for the Swiss market, be sure to look into our calendar of events for the next one.

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