Work isn’t Working in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The majority of people complain about their jobs. But we would, on balance, prefer to have a job than not have a job, wouldn’t we? “I need money to live.” That’s why most of us say we go to work each day. If you didn’t need money would you still go to work? If so, what is work giving you besides money?

Here are a few of the benefits we can get from work besides money: Purpose, Meaning, Sense of Connection / Belonging, Challenge, Identity, Status. Not having work that provides these benefits can be profoundly disorienting.

The next question, in this age of increasing automation, is what will happen to our work? It’s estimated by researchers at Oxford University that 47% of jobs will disappear by 2035. How can we get those things that work has traditionally given us when we aren’t working…or will our work be very different than what we are doing today?  

In the Lili Centre (Community Centre in Luzern) and as part of the JIFF (Job Integration For Foreigners) programme of inspirational talks, we’ll explore how new technology, like Artificial Intelligence, is changing work. Our speaker is Mr. Clayton Douglass, an entrepreneur, and investor, who will lead the discussion about how AI is becoming increasingly important to find ways to get the benefits we have historically gotten from work in new ways, both inside and outside of work.

In our conversation, we’ll shape the search for the questions and answers in two contexts: non-work and work. In the coming decades, we may transition to spending more of our time doing non-work than work. AI is bringing changes that will be painful or can lead to growth.

As Mr. Clayton says: ‘Hope is that the new technology leads to growth, to a healthier new phase for human beings and how we organize ourselves’.

And, maybe, we can create a world together where we can stop complaining about our jobs.

Join the LiLi Centre on November 29th, from 18:30 pm and let’s start the conversation about the work changes in the future and how it might change our lives.

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