Winter Season Opening in Sörenberg!

This was an adventure that definitely brought me the experience of Swiss nature’s natural gifts: mountains, winter, snow, spectacular views and of course, who knew – skiing! Yep, soon I will have my first lessons with an instructor and hopefully will have a nice and easy slide for the first time. Honestly, Switzerland is a really great place to face your fears: mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, sailing … oje! Well, I am starting with Skiing.

My journey began this Saturday with a visit to an Open Day at Sörenberg Ski resort, where we were invited to discover this local and very traditional Swiss beloved skiing resort. And I have absolutely no regrets! I can hardly wait to put my feet into ski boots. 

What is so special and different? Well, for a person who was never in a ski resort, and who has no idea about skiing. Seeing all the people wearing colorful suits looking like fashionable aliens – I was surprised at how comfortable and good I felt. Let me remind you, that most of the time for these kinds of adventures I travel alone, so to feel not lonely sometimes it is hard. But not here. I felt welcomed by locals, the food was perfect. And I think a lot says the atmosphere I was. 

The “Open day” was a perfect opportunity to not only enjoy a local folklore concert, great food, nice cup of hot chocolate but also to learn a bit about skiing if you are new in this sport, get your own skis fixed, even get free skiing lessons from the professionals and play outside winter games. During the event it was a pleasure to meet local star Joel Wicki, who is a well-known sports star of the Swiss traditional wrestling “Schwinge” and listen to nice wishes from René Koller, Director of the “Bergbahnen Sörenberg.

“And what about the resort?” – you may ask. Well, it is an absolutely great place for friends and family. And if you want to have a traditional local Swiss day – it is a place to go, it is absolutely to get away from the more touristy ski resorts.

Check out our little video that we prepared specially for you!

And what about traveling until Sörenberg? 

“Easy shmeasy” – as I love to say. I am in love with SBB cozy trains, so it was absolutely nice and well-planned journey from Luzern train station (Direction Bern). You go to the Schüpfheim train station, then a little jump into the local bus (number 241) and finally get to Sörenberg Post, where already couple meters away is a Gondola to go up! With SBB app it is easy to track where and when you need to be. Don’t worry about the tickets for the bus – you can buy them inside the bus. Also, prices are affordable.

So prepare for a fun snow day at the Sörenberg ski resort.

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