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Where to swim in Lucerne?

When the sun shines everyone heads to the lake to bask in all its glory, but if your relatively new to Lucerne then you might not know where to swim in Lucerne or even just how many options you have available to you, if you wish to take a cool and refreshing dip in the waters. We’ve compiled a list of the local badis/lidos that are around, most are located in the city but there are also a few a little further out of the city if your looking for a change at any point this summer!

Lido Beach /

A popular choice for many locals is the Lido by the Verkehrshaus. They have a huge playground, an outdoor pool with children’s play area and a beach on the lake with a view of Pilatus. You can get lunch or dinner there as well and there is a beach side shop which sells sunscreen and beach toys in case you forget! There is also the lovely Sunset Bar for the grown ups to grab a drink and watch the sunset right next door from this prime location. A great perk is that children under 6 have free entry here.

Strandbad Tribschen

Across the lake from the Verkehrshaus you’ll find the Strandbad Tribschen with plenty to offer everyone. From a sandy beach, a children’s pool and a playground this lido ticks a lot of boxes. There is also a restaurant on site and you can rent lockers to store your valuables as well as rent stand up paddling board and kayaks.

Seebad Lucerne

We have a lot to thank a local architect (Heinrich Victor von Segesser) who decided to build the Seedbad way back in 1885 because we can now enjoy it. The wooden structure which was restored in 2010 is built on the lake so you can immerse yourself in the waters either in one of the two pools they have in the centre of the building or take the steps leading out to the open lake. It generally tends to fill up fast so if your looking to grab a sunbed or umbrella you will need to be there early. They have a bar and restaurant on site as well with something to suit everyone. While you will see some children there it’s not as popular for families because there is less space for them to play in the space and no sand to build sandcastles.

Lido Ufschötti

The Ufschötti park is another popular choice for many locals as there are many trees that you can take shelter underneath. With lots of green grass and a nice little beach where you swim in the lake, it’s a great choice for families. An added perk is that there is also a shower available. The LiLi Centre is just up the road next to the Backpacker’s Hotel. (Free entry)

Rotsee Badi (Kid’s Pool)

There is also the Rotsee Badi (driving or cycling might be more convenient but you can take Bus 1 to Falken). The Rotsee is probably the warmest water because it is the shallowest and the most static. This badi offers a great playground, baby pool overlooking the lake, as well as a restaurant. Only downside (especially going with babies and toddlers) is that there is a long stairway that leads down to the swimming area.

Schwimmbad Mooshüsli

Another good option for any weather is the Schwimmbad Mooshüsli. It isn’t too hard to get to, even by bus. Just jump on the train from the Luzern Bahnhof to the Emmenbrücke Gersag stop. Then you walk under the train tracks and catch the bus 42 or 43 to the stop Schwimmbad Mooshüsli. One thing to note… if you want to go to the indoor pool you need to walk down a side road to get to the entrance. There is a little animal/bird park right at the entrance with peacocks and ducks, goats, rooster, etc! The restaurant is good as well.

Badeplatz Krämerstein, Horw

If you fancy heading out of the city but not far then check out Badeplatz Krämerstein, situated on the shores of the lake below the fabulous Villa Krämerstein. It’s not as easy to get too and there is a little bit of a walk down from the villa but the views of the lake and mountains are more then rewarding. It also a park that is free to the public so you can enjoy a stroll around the beautiful gardens. There is some parking available but it is limited so you are better off to go by public transport. You can take the bus 21 from the Train Station to the stop Krämerstein. The stop is located right at the park entrance and you can stroll down the tree lined avenue to the villa and continue to the beach. This is a nice secluded spot so it is great if you fancy escaping the crowds a bit.

Badeplatz Meggenhorn

You will need to be prepared to walk a bit and enjoy a pebble beach to head to Badeplatz Meggenhorn. Situated below Schloss Meggenhorn it takes about a 20 minute walk from the bus stop Meggen Lerchenbühl through the castle grounds to reach this spot but again the view is worth it all. You will also need to bring food and drinks with you as there is no restaurant or bar on site. You can enter the lake by climbing over a few rocks. The water is generally very clear here and less polluted then in the around the city. (Free entry)

Parkbad Kleinfeld Kriens

With a 50 metre swimming pool, diving boards, 70 metre water slide and rentable grills the Parkbad Kleinfeld in Kriens can offer the whole package for a day of action. There is plenty to keep kids happy aside from the water slide with a nature park, sports – tennis courts, table tennis, beach volleyball court, garden chess and soccer to name but a few – and last but by no means least a splash park. There is also heated showers available and a restaurant on site.

If you plan to venture further a field this summer then check out this website as it has all the official lido’s listed in every canton in Switzerland with all the relevant information.