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If you are a parent, you might have already known one of the unfortunate “joys” of parenting toddlers: an expected trip to the emergency room. According to my friends, who have active kids, it can be unpleasant, scary and usually involves a lot of waiting. As an adult and even though, I am not a parent, I can relate to the distressing wait in a hectic emergency room for having been there a few times. For children, I can imagine that it is even more upsetting to wait, and wait and wait.

Doctors are certainly doing their upmost but according to Luzerner Zeitung, Greater Lucerne only has 1 pediatrician for 1984 children. This partially explains why it can take a (very long) while for your sick or hurt child to be checked by a doctor. However, this situation might be about to be slightly improved. From December 1st onwards, Luzern will finally have a permanence of its own, completely dedicated to kids! Cherry on top: it will be conveniently located (very close to the main station) and will offer parking possibilities!

Swiss Medi kids has already been opened permanences in Zurich and Winterthur for a while and will hopefully be in Lucerne the answer for many families in need of a prompt support. Hopefully, you will not need it but if your child has fever, has fallen over and hurt his head for instance, you will find the permanence on Seidenhofstrasse 9. It will also be opened to little patients who don’t necessarily have an emergency but need to be vaccinated or checked. Recognized by every health insurance in Switzerland, it will welcome the little ones up to 16 years old, every day from noon to 8 pm.









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