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Friday The 2020 Kurzfilmnacht-Tour (Short Film Night Tour) will be making a stop at the Bourbaki Kino and Stattkino on

For most of us Easter will be a staycation again this year, but with good weather and warm temperatures there still are plenty of things to do. For people wishing to celebrate the Christian meaning of Easter in English the International Church of Lucerne is offering the following: 2nd April Good Friday 

In accordance with the latest regulations the Lili Centre will remain officially closed until 22 March 2021 for all events/groups with exceptions for: Educational Classes: for students 20 years old and under.Mental Health Therapy Sessions: which are pre-scheduled by appointment only and are not a Group Session.Food Service: may resume however, all must be served as

It looks like despite our optimism the Centre will remain closed until at least the end of February, so we have decided to offer more online events to help us remain connected