What is a Doula?

What is a Doula?

A doula is a personal assistant and companion to the woman who is giving birth and her partner. She has a profound knowledge of all matters surrounding the birth. She is a well qualified woman who has already given birth to her own children.

The doula takes on the function of an “attendant” (doula means “attendant of the woman” in Greek). Before the birth, she informs and encourages the pregnant woman. During the birth, she is a permanent presence as a trusted and experienced companion. After the birth, she is the contact to answer questions about the birth experience and the new everyday routine as a family.

A doula does not replace a midwife or a doctor. Because she has no medical functions, she can concentrate solely on the needs of the woman and the couple, laying a cooling cloth on a fevered brow or explaining to the expectant father how he can relieve the pains his partner is suffering through soothing massage.

The expectant father will be relieved by the presence of the doula. All the support needed by his mate no longer depends heavily upon him, in a situation which he also finds extraordinary and he can engage himself with events in a more relaxed atmosphere.

How can you help expecting mothers in Luzern?

A Doula attends women with or without a partner, before and after the birth. She responds to he needs of the woman. She’s at her side during the whole birth process, not having medical responsibility but giving the woman security.

The most important points briefly:

  • A doula imparts a feeling of security and provides support for the pregnant woman
  • A doula never leaves the woman in her care
  • A doula has experience and know-how and knows the power of an expectant mother
  • A doula relieves the load on the partner and strengthen the relationship of the couple
  • A doula informs the couple of what is going on
  • A doula accompanies spontaneous and induced births, scheduled C-sections or emergency C-sechtions

What kind of training is required to become a Doula?

First of all a Doula needs to be a mother herself. The training to become a Doula takes 1 year, based on on-site trainings and self-study. The trainings are held by mid-wifes, „Stillberaterinnen“, „Erwachsenenbildnerinnen, Trauerbegleiterinnen and Doulas“.

What inspired you to become a Doula?

Having two births myself in hospital I felt myself that it’s important to have an experienced mother on my side during birth – to feel as relaxed as in this process one could be.  Not being involved in the medical process but still helping strongly in a mental and physical way it’s a great experience to support young mothers.

You can find out more about Doulas by going to this website.

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