What a launch party!

Last Saturday there was one only place to be and that was at the Living in Luzern magazine launch and the 12th Expat Christmas Party at the Schweizerhof.

Starting at 18:00 with an apero sponsored by Living in Luzern to celebrate the launch of our winter magazine the party got off to an amazing start. With warm Glühwein in hand and Lindsay Ferguson singing, people were already in the party mood catching up with each other and having their pictures taken in front of the gorgeous Christmas tree by the wonderful Paul Pacitti. Before we made our way into the gorgeous ballroom which was filled to the brim with happy expats, it’s so hard to say no to friends! Rumour has it that even in Geneva this is known as THE Xmas Party to go to.

D.J. Ben provided the musical backdrop, the Britshop the Christmas Crackers, the menu was suitably festive and the highlight of the evening was the show performed by Peter Antoniou. He did literally blow our minds away and had us falling off our chairs laughing. This year the prize giving had a twist with people finding out whether they had won a prize or not by looking under their chairs. A big thank you to the following sponsors: Team, Cakelicious, Frisor, Rigi, Stoos, Pilatus, Casagrande, Britshop and Physio Vital.

After dinner, people chose to either stay in the room, try out the Über 30 party next door, go to the bar before finally being called back by DJ Ben’s music and some serious grooving took place. Rumour has it that the last punters only left after the sun had risen. Definitely a night to remember and which would not have been possible without these wonderful dedicated people: Michael Holden, Laura Ege, Erin Jo Hansson, Erik Sköldebring, Lief Rasmussen from Meetup and Cord Hinrich. Planning for next year’s party is already taking place!


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