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In the spirit of Movember, we want to spread awareness about a prevalent issue that men are faced with, which

English homeopathic consultation in Switzerland IN HOMEOPATHY THE PERSON IS THE FOCAL POINT.The person and their history and not the illness is the validity for a treatment. INDICATION FOR A HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT:Suitable for all: babies, children, teenagers and adults every age.In case of: general acute and chronic diseasespsychological ailmenthormonal problems (pregnancy, puberty, menopause,

We enter a safe, non-judgemental, protected, sacred space. Where souls meet, an invitation is given, an invitation may be accepted, and a dance of soul-storytelling begins. If you or a loved one (furred family member included), no matter the age gender, or sexuality, are finding yourself/selves in the midst of

Do you feel your life could be better? Do you think of changing jobs or other aspects in your life, but you don’t have a clear vision? Are you new here and you feel unsettled? Are you in a difficult relationship and you want to create a better situation? There