LiL Partner | Optimal Wellness Global

Optimal Wellness Global specialises in individuals and families living outside their country of origin to help them find optimal wellness in their global lifestyle.

English homeopathic consultation in Switzerland, suitable for all: babies, children, teenagers, and adults every age.

If you are interested in a classical homeopathy consultation or would like to know more about homeopathy, please contact me at 043 818 77 80 or visit my homepage www.kfletcher.ch

LiL Partner | Samuele Fenu

Massage and sport therapist Samuele Fenu has been treating patients for the last 15 years including those with physical syndrome, scar, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and other muscular or soft tissue disorders.

LiL Partner | Nibbana SPA

Bárbara Santos is a massage therapist for over 10 years, attending training in Brazil, Thailand and India. She has vast experience in different techniques which allows her to work according to the person’s needs. Thai Massage | Classic Massage | Reflexotherapy | Pregnancy Massage | Reiki and more

LiL Partner | Mental Health Initiative

Central Switzerland’s Comprehensive Mental Health Resource List

LiL Partner | Precious Care

A cosy day spa located in the Tribschen Area Luzern. Using professional products made in France, Viki  Frazer offers from a variety of wellness and beauty treatments for face, body and feet. Relaxation and great results are guaranteed.

LiL Partner | Three Peaks Coaching

Exploring inner and outer landscapes
Nature-based life coaching to help you get closer to your own truth and start living from your heart instead of your head. Renate Kranenburg is a certified coach and member of the International Coaching Federation, and offers coaching in German, English, Dutch and French, to everyone who is ready to work on themselves and live a more fulfilled life.

LiL Partner | SAT
Self Assisting Treatment, a gentle complimentary, hands-on/off psycho-spiritual approach, which assists others living with or who find themselves struggling through conscious or unconscious emotional, physical, pain/trauma. Ages 0-99+

LiL Partner | Ashtanga Yoga

Martyna Syguda teaches Ashtanga Yoga classes for all levels in her beautiful studio in the old town of Lucerne. After spending more than 2 years learning this dynamic yoga style at its source in India, she now shares it with everyone, who wants to step on a yoga mat.

LiL Partner | Marianna Kathriner

Marianna supports people in their journey of development and discovery of themselves and their qualities through painting. She is a painting therapist, mom of two, living and working in Lucerne.


LiL Partner | Musiking Studio

Maria Samara, is a Music Therapist (Master of Arts in Music Therapy, N.Y.U), a GIM- Psychotherapist, and a NICU -trained Music Therapist, with 22 years of working experience, with people of all ages, in Psychiatric and Medical settings, Institutions, Rehabilitation Centers, as well as in private practice, in New York, Greece and now in Switzerland. 

LiL Partner | Simon Varney

Hello! My name’s Simon. I am a UK trained to Master’s level, native English-speaking counsellor/therapist practising at the Lili Centre in Luzern and Zug or online with 4 years of clinical experience helping adolescents & adults with a number of life’s challenges & concerns, ranging from stress & anxiety, relational issues, grief & loss to issues concerning self-esteem and overall identity. 

If you would like to know more or are interested in setting up a free, non-obligatory preliminary session lasting approx. 30 mins to discuss the possibility of pursuing therapy with me, please contact me by email: varneyvieli@hispeed.ch

Other listings:

PeaceWorks Coaching www.peaceworks-coaching.com

Resetting Point www.resettingpoint.ch

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