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With its special shape, its fjord-like arms and bays and its distinct landscapes, Lake Lucerne offers a myriad of water sports. From relaxing and meditative to exhilarating and action-driven, we give you an overview.


With the Foehn wind regularly blowing, the lake offers some great windsurfing conditions, for instance in Flüelen on the southern bank of the lake. You can rent the essential equipment at Windsurfing Urnersee by the hour or for the season. In addition the surf school offers trial, beginner and buildup courses for kids (8 -12 years old), adolescents (13 -16 years old) and adults.

Along the Alpnacher side of the lake (between Stansstad and Alpnach) you’ll find a constant breeze in the morning that allows beginners their first attempts to stand on a surfboard while the more advanced will enjoy the stronger winds in the afternoon. Surfing equipment is available for rent at the Kanuzentrum. Also on offer is a surf basic course, a six-hour adventure including surf instructor, surfboard, wetsuit and life jacket.


In Luzern, Waterfun offers a “Caribbean feeling”. It’s the place to come if you are into wakeboarding, waterskiing, wake surfing or wake skiing.

An ideal spot to ride the waves on a wakeboard or waterskis is the area by Flüelen where the Gruonbach river flows into the lake. Whether you are into windsurfing, stand up paddling, wake boarding or kayaking, you will find the essential gear at Windsurfing Urnersee.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP)

Popular among young and old, SUP is a holistic and healthy workout with a fun factor. How does it work? You stand upright on a surfboard and move forward with a paddle. The concept originated in Polynesia where fishermen used this method as means of transportation. You can try this calm yet dynamic sport at the Strandbad Lido or Strandbad Tribschen.


Canyoning is the sport of travelling a canyon from top to bottom. It involves various movements ranging from rappelling, climbing down, jumping, sliding, swimming or sometimes even diving. This adventurous sport is also available here.

Considered one of the best canyoning spots in Central Switzerland, the Chli Schliere canyon near Alpnach offers an exciting experience where no jump is the same and high rappels and fast slides give you an adrenalin rush to remember. The Outdoor Interlaken offers courses.


Another exciting water sport is river tubing. On sturdy, inflatable tubes you float downstream and experience a mix of sport, fun and adventure that ends in the lake. The company adventure point offers rentals.

Scuba diving

Don’t expect clownfish and colourful corals. Instead look forward to mostly clear water due to the water being rather cold throughout the year. There are about 10 dive sites on the lake that you can reach without a boat.

Near Sisikon by the Urnersee you’ll find the Schieferneggtunnel, an impressive steep face with interesting bays and inlets, spurs and cracks that stretches to a depth of over 40 metres. Discover the ship wreck Bruno near Brunnen or explore the interesting rock faces, rock formations, tree trunks and underwater wildlife close to Vitznau. Further dive sites are located near Weggis, Gersau and Hergiswil. More information here.

Those who would like to discover the dive sites only accessible by boat might want to book a trip organised by Tauchschiff.

Dive & Trek Connection offers dive trips, courses and training as well as dive equipment.


A fun way to discover the lake and see the region from a different perspective is by canoe or kayak. There are several places around the lake where you can rent a boat, venture out on your own or join a tour or even course. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’re bound to find a suitable route.

A popular starting point is Brunnen with several trips initiating here. Paddling along the Bürgenstock is another impressive tour for beginners and families as is the bay of Buochs. Further canoe stations can be found in Gersau, Flüelen, Alpnachstad and Luzern.

Kanurouten, kanuzentrum, kanuweg and adventure point all offer good websites.

(article extracted from our summer magazine)



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