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These are stressful times, but even though we are put under pressure to self isolate and stay away from others,

We say over and over again that the centre can only be run with the good will of volunteers. It is therefore very important that we take time to thank the people who step up to the plate and help keep the centre open and functioning. Last Friday we invited all

Here is a scoop, the month of March will be the only month until this summer without any holidays or vacations! Which is why it is full of one off events at the LiLi Centre as well as our regular programmes and don't forget that we now offer Information Coffee

On January 26th we held our annual general and want to share what was said with our readership Another successful year, and the centre is now barrelling towards its 4th birthday as it continues to grow. Save the date for June 6th! Looking back on last year’s goals we managed to reach several