Town launches English website for newcomers

The town of Luzern has launched an English website for newcomers answering many of the administrative questions you may have about living here. This is a project long in the making and many expats have been involved in helping make this happen.It came to life after a workshop was held by the Integration office of the town last year where several expat organisations were invited to come along and give suggestions as to how the town could improve its welcome culture. The main suggestion was to have a website which would answer many of newcomers’ administrative questions.

Using a website tool developed by Migros Kultur, the town put together seeral groups of expats and locals to look at every day issues and decide what questions were most relevant to newcomers.

A film welcoming newcomers was also made and now Luzern can proudly claim to be the first Swiss city to have an English administrative website.

We are very happy to have been a part of this effort as we feel that the new website will answer many of your questions.

So be sure to check it out if you have any administrative questions.

The link is: 

This is a first of its kind and it will be a tool of great use to newcomers. Enjoy the film and look out for some of “our” expats!

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