To the Top of Stanserhorn!

Looking for a fun day excursion for your family, friends, or visiting guests? I recommend a trip to the top of Stanserhorn. You get to ride in a cable car without a roof (the first of its kind), and enjoy a relaxing time on the mountain.

You can reach the base of the mountain easily from Luzern by catching the S4 train to Stans. We bought our mountain ticket right at the SBB office in the Stans train station. Right now it’s 68 CHF full fare, or 34 CHF with a half fare, Swiss Pass or GA.

Then, it’s a short walk (marked) to the base station. You can also get tickets there if you want.

At the base station, you catch an open-air Funicular Train for the first part of the trip up the mountain. That part of the ride is nice, but not too exciting. You do get to see some nice scenery though.

Then, you hop off the funicular train, and right onto what is probably the most awesome cable car I’ve ever been on: the world’s first “CABRIO” cable car.

They call it that because you can stand on top of the car in a section that doesn’t have a roof–it’s almost like being in a convertible. If you are afraid of heights or get motion sick easily, it might not be for you. But, if you’re a little adventurous, it really is a neat experience. There’s also a lower floor of the car with a roof if you’d prefer to ride there.

It’s also really cool because the car is extremely quiet. As you’re going up the mountain, you really don’t hear much but the wind.

The cable car takes you right to the top. You can do a little light hiking to the true summit, watch paragliders take off when the weather is right, see the mountain’s resident marmots (think: mixture between a squirrel and a groundhog), and enjoy several scenic overlooks.

You can also get a snack or meal at their restaurant. The day we went, they were preparing for a special candlelight dinner in their “rotating” restaurant, but it was by reservation only. I plan on taking my husband back soon to try that. The food looked awesome.

Instead, we got some coffee and tea, and sat in the sun on the lounge chairs they offered. All in all, a great afternoon.

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