The Upcoming Election Explained

On the October 22. we will be voting in a new national parliament as well as the new council of states.

With 4972 potential candidates to choose from for the national parliament and 158 for the council of states, it is no understatement that who to vote for can be quite confusing. Which is why we highly recommend that you use the Smartvote website to help you. Once you login you can either fill up their rapid questionnaire (30 questions) or their deluxe version (75 questions), after which time they will show you which candidates are most closely matched to your political views.

The government has put together 51 lists of candidates representing various political parties and interests, but there also is a blank voting sheet where you can create your own list.

On a local note we are being asked to approve budgets to refurbish two schools in the area.

The results will be shared on Sunday afternoon.

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