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The Lucerne World Theatre Company was created 11 years ago. The goal was to create a theatre group that would, not only, put on productions in English but also offer continued theatre training throughout the year. Founder, Charlie Hartmann, had been working in theatre for several decades as an actor, director, producer, stage manager, sound and lighting technician and loved the “live creative process” which takes place from conception to production time. Having directed in many countries she also wanted to put in place a safe space for people to be creative. This led to the creation of the company. Today its members hail from many countries and have various levels of experience. They are able to try their hands at being creative, exploring various forms of theatre and writing their own shows, in particular the children’s Christmas shows such as A Dragon’s Tale & the Toothless Monster.

Over the years they have produced both adult and children plays and also been an active member of FEATS (the Festival for European Anglophone Theatre Societies). This year’s spring production was a short play entitled “Fourteen”, a turn of last century farce, which was performed at FEATS and which won them an invitation to the British Drama Festival in Coventry this past July. There they won “Best Amateur Production”, which considering that there were groups from all over the UK was a huge honour.

This year’s Christmas children production is loosely based on the same story “Fourteen” but with added twists, songs and lots of children!

Mrs Bucket is organising “A Perfect Christmas” dinner party, mainly in order to impress her forever grumpy mother-in-law, but from the get go nothing goes to plan. Cancellations and extra guests are just a few of the challenges she faces. Will she manage to save the day or give in and embrace the collective chaos?

The play is a fun and crazy farce suitable for ages 4 and up bound to make you laugh and sing along with Christmas hits interspersed throughout.

Tickets are available here.

The theatre group meets every Tuesday night from 19.30 to 21.30 at the LiLi Centre. You can contact them here.

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