The June 13. vote results

Last week we wrote about the topics for today’s national referendums. Nearly 60% of voters took part in today’s proceedings which is a very high percentage compared to usual. The results are now in:

The Drinking Water initiative was rejected by 60% of voters.

The Pesticide Ban was also rejected by 60% of voters.

The Covid-19 Law was approved by 61% of voters.

The Terrorism Law was approved by 57% of voters.

The CO2 Law is still too close to call but the prognosis is that it will be defeated by 51% of voters.

Locally in Lucerne the parking counter proposal was approved by 56% of voters.

In Zug 84,9% of voters are in favour of building 30 emergency lodgings costing around 6,9 million francs.

We will update this post once the CO2 Law final result is in.

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