The February 9th referendums

On Sunday February 9th there will be three referendums for people to vote on.

“Die Metro Luzern verdient eine Chance”. Give the Lucerne metro a chance.

This is yet another solution being put forward to deal with the coach problem within the city. There have been several proposals put on the table so far: A car park around Musegg or under the Schwanenplatz being the most recent ones. This would envision a metro line which would begin in the region of Reussegg/Ibach with a car park for 170 coaches and 2500 cars. The metro would go to Schwanenplatz with a possible stop at the hospital. This referendum is calling for the local government to invest in a precise analysis on the feasibility ot the project and even looking into the potentiality of the metro continuing onto Emmen, Kriens and Ebikon.

The local government is countering that their main priority is the underground train station (which may see the day in 2040). This would then offer regular trains connecting all the various area, buses should also run more frequently. A metro would then become a “parallel solution” which would then be obsolete and the fact that it will cost billions makes it unaffordable to begin with. For these reason the government is calling for people to vote against this referendum.

Mehr bezahlbare Wohnungen: More affordable apartments

The initiative’s supporters are claiming that there are not enough affordable apartments in Switzerland and the government shoud put in place a 10% quota for all new builds to be for reserved for social living.

The parliament argues that there currently are plenty of affordable apartments and that putting a quota in place is unnecessary as the social living regulations in place are already sufficiently stringent.

The government is calling for people to vote against this initiative.

Verbot der Diskrimierung aufgrund der sexuellen Orientierung: Sexual discrimination should be made illegal.

In Switzerland it is illegal to discriminate against someone because of their race, ethnicity or religion. The parliament has decided to go one step further and forbid discrimination against someone because of their sexual orientation.

Opponents are claiming that this will impinge on freedom of expression and that the text already in place is sufficient.

The government is calling for people to vote in favour of this motion.

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