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A simple fact about living in Central Switzerland is that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to winter sports. Within 2 hours drive there are multiple destinations available to us and for an extra bonus we can do them as day trips. This post though is going to give you alternatives to skiing.

We’re taking a different look at the ski resorts and what they offer, this time I’m looking at it from the point of view of someone who (can’t) doesn’t ski. I know I know, how can I live here and not ski…it’s very simple, I have tried and I have failed every time. The last time I was full of confidence and even asked my boyfriend to take me skiing for my birthday. Him, me and no instructor, what could possible go wrong. Suited and booted we headed up the cable car. After getting off I had a sudden realisation, that I could not ski. Not the best moment to have this, we were up 1780m and I had no way down but to ski. What was a distance of 200m downhill, took me a 45 minute battle. Safe to say my boyfriend was growing impatient by the second. Eventually after burying enough snow in my pants and jacket to build a snowman, I decided to walk. I told him to go ahead and I would take my time to get back to the station and meet him later. After taking my ski’s off and loosening my boots, I enjoyed an absolutely breath-taking walk through the mountains and snow. This opened my eyes to the winter activities available beyond the obvious ones.

So for those of you who are looking for some great skiing on a budget, then you need to read this post.

If you’re an avid skier/snowboarder then you need to know about the Schneepass.

If like me you love the snow but lack the skills for skiing etc, or your simply looking for something different, then this is where I hope to help.


There are numerous groomed pistes and sledding runs throughout the resorts around Luzern. Not all are open currently due to the lack of snowfall over the past month. A great source to check which pistes are open for all sports is My Switzerland.  I would recommend the sledding in Engelberg, having done it numerous times, and I still find it the most thrilling. You can’t help but release your inner child when you start off down the slope. They offer an exhilarating experience of night time tobogganing every Friday and Saturday, 19:30 – 21:30, when the pistes are open. There is also the option to enjoy a fondue meal afterwards.

Winter Walking & Snowshoeing

For a more relaxed activity you can’t beat snowshoeing. Depending on where and how far you intend to walk it will decided on the equipment you will need. You should always seek advice from the professionals around where you intend to walk, and be aware of any hazards that might be on the trials. You can do this activity for a few hours or make an overnight trip of this and stay in an Igloo.  Titlis offers moonlight trekking with torches. The walk itself lasts only an hour and at the end you can enjoy a Swiss apéro and a Raclette dinner. 


SnowXpark in Titlis, is an incredible snowmobile station, with electric powered snowmobiles. Environment friendly and pollution free you can enjoy hours of guilt free fun and adventure driving around the park on these. You drive on prepared trails on a closed circuit, entry fee is CHF 5.-, and your charged per minute you drive at CHF 2.- a minute.

Trübsee Snow Park offers snowtubing from December – March, weather dependent. You race down the track on a rubber tyre, you can choose how to set off, sit or lie down, face down towards the track or turn your back to it. Simply sit back and enjoy the fun ride. Best part is the entry is free!

Whichever is your winter adrenaline activity of choice make sure you enjoy every minute of it. Here’s hoping the next few weeks bring lots of snowfall, so we can all enjoy some winter wonderland!

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