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If you’ve been here for a while, you know the drill: every year right before Lent the whole of Luzern

Every autumn the Alps are witness to one of Switzerland’s most famous and beloved traditions. The Alpabzug, (also known as the Alpabfahrt, alpine cow parade/descent, or in French, the Désalpe), is the annual journey that brings the cows from mountain pastures back home to their stables ready for their wintering. Switzerland

On Thursday February 24, Lucerne will enter its fifth season: Fasnacht. Here we share where and when to be to make the most of this unique time of the year. We've put all the essentials into this post so that you can make the most of this exciting time. Parades There are

Fasnacht is nearly upon us, and by now you must have noticed the masks and costumes filling the shop windows and the beat of Guggenmusic coming over the sound system of most shops, Luzern's fifth season is here. There are many famous carnivals around the world, including Basel. But none come