Swiss households are the richest in the world

The Allianz insurance company released its “Global Wealth Report” and it shows several interesting facts. Firstly the worldwide household wealth has grown by 8.1% to a staggering 136 trillion Euros, which would be enough to wipe all the world sovereign debts three times over . Although Switzerland has the most saving per capita it also has the highest debt level (CHF 80 000.-) which is 122.4% of the gross domestic product of Switzerland. But this is mainly accounted for by the high costs of real estate and the high mortgages people take out. Austria, in contrast, has only 50.4% of debt level.

Swiss households, however, still are the richest in the world, after deducting the debt Switzerland still has CHF 171 600.- in savings per household, making it the richest country in the world. USA comes in second with roughly CHF 151 000.-

Just under 60 million people have been demoted from the “Wealthy Upper Class” all over the world, and the distribution of wealth has become even more unequal, with more assets being concentrated in fewer hands, including in Switzerland.

You are welcome to wade your way through the 124 page report, simply download it here.


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