Stand up paddling in Luzern

Living in Luzern sometimes means being jealous from time to time of people who can fully enjoy the lifestyle of Luzern. Yes – I mean those who can swim. And yes, it is a confession – I can’t swim. Aaaaaand it means I can’t paddle. Well, I can, but basically, I am scared to death. BUT!

But, I am amazed how easy and breathtaking it looks. I love to watch it and I would love to try and learn to do that. Well, maybe it will be my challenge for next year “to try stand up paddling on the lake of Luzern”. Isn’t it amazing? On a working day, you can for a coffee break or lunch just go and enjoy the water.

So, I have decided to try to gather some of the information about places to rent paddling equipment in Luzern and what does it mean – Stand up paddling. Well, It is an offshoot of surfing that originated in Hawaii. Sounds already like 24/7 holidays. Unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.

Places in Luzern? I thought my Google will explode and ban me from the search function – yes, that many!!! So, first I found SUP Club Luzern a non-profit organization.  You can get lessons, training or simply rent all needed equipment and go around the lake. You even can get snacks if you plan to stay for a longer period on board. Magnificent! Isn’t it?

Next place – Goofy Regular! They not only provide paddling service, but also you can get new skateboard there too. I think it is more for me, as I am beginner in skateboarding. You are able to find them in Mussstrasse 8! BTW, they have online shop, which is very informative.

Third place Lido Luzern. Not only place for Stand up paddling run by Surfcorner who also have a base in Zug, but also paradise for just hanging out with friends and family! Were to find it? Lidostrasse 6a. They have a pool, restaurants, playgrounds for kids etc. Check out, and I hope you will find what you search for.

Not to be forgotten the Tribschen Badi also offers opportunities to rent SUP and canoes.

Final place the LiLi Centre! Yes!! Didn’t expect it ? The LiLi Centre is now the home for the Stand Up – Meetup Luzern group:

A stand up paddle Meetup group will be organizing events at the Uffschütti and will be offering the same rates to members of the Lili Centre who wish to join them.  The Meetup will have regular events throughout the summer on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and also will set other events located around central Switzerland on the weekends.  To register for any of the events, register using the following link:

If you are tempted to work towards a goal, how about signing up for the crossing of the lake “See Überquerung” which will take place on August 20. More details here.


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