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It's a chilly sunday night in Allmend and the world seems to have gone to sleep, only the lights of

Climb Mount Pilatus on September 29th on the first "Pilatus Hike"!

With its special shape, its fjord-like arms and bays and its distinct landscapes, Lake Lucerne offers a myriad of water sports. From relaxing and meditative to exhilarating and action-driven, we give you an overview. Windsurfing With the Foehn wind regularly blowing, the lake offers some great windsurfing conditions, for instance in Flüelen

We love when our members actively suggest insider tips. Here are some great hiking ideas that came up recently. Gelmersee, is a fantastic hike, our inhouse outdoor expert Luke Bragg wrote a fantastic piece explaining what you need to know to make the most of this hike: The hidden Switzerland If