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Frank Gebhard Smart e Ziele Coaching

Fair business and life coach & german language training with more than 30 years of experience in coaching consulting connecting.

Our Vision

Why Fair Business? The economy and the world are changing. While some continue to tread on the spot, others are on their way to change. This path includes mindfulness, appreciation and a good balance between work and life. We want to help ensure that economic success and ethical fair trade are not contradictory. People, companies and entrepreneurs who want or need to change their lives and work are courageously leaving their ports. They’re setting off for new shores, for ports with fair opportunities for people and the environment. These are ports in which fair trading and fair trade with sustainable products and services are possible.

We are committed to a meaningful social and economic order that serves people and respects the environment and nature. This is why we are an active member of the economy for the common good – an economic model for the future!

The economy for the common good is a vision for a humane and sustainable way of life. The economy should be designed according to the same values that make human relationships successful and are already anchored in the constitution.

Our Mission

We accompany, advise and network people, companies and organisations with our knowledge and experience. Our work supports providers of sustainable products, services and technology. Between four forest lake and Lake Constance, we are committed to a changing economy and to fair and joyful working and living.

Education for everyone​

10 % of our income is invested in future-oriented and sustainable educational projects for people who are clearly disadvantaged in education due to their origin or home country. In particular, we support intercultural education projects with innovation partnerships between regional companies and partners in countries and regions of the world with knowledge and money. Together with our customers we decide on the choice of project

Our coaching services are aimed at SMEs & managers, technical teams, sole proprietorships and thanks to more than a dozen start-up experiences!

Fair Business Coaching

The goal of every coaching is to develop new resources and possibilities for the coachee / client, not to eliminate deficits, but to recognize and change patterns and help them to help themselves. The concrete work phases are:

  • Analysis of the current situation (Where do we stand?) Clarifying issues/problems/causes
  • Define SMART goals (Where do we want to go?)
  • Recognizing and activating resources (What do we have to achieve the set goals?)
  • Develop concrete solutions (How can we achieve our goals?)
  • Accompaniment during concrete implementation

If requested we introduce our clients the programme fair business for the sustainable development of companies and people following the 17 SDGs the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The programme offers efficient access with a blended learning programme finding out the status quo and learning about the strengths, weaknesses and overall wonderful chances for developments!

Marketing Coaching

Under our guidance and consulting you will learn to understand the instruments of marketing in order to use them practically for your existing or future company. The following tools will be presented and used individually:​

  • Marketing Roadmap – The red thread for your marketing the golden circle
  • SWOT method – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks
  • PESTEL analysis – consideration of the business environment
  • Marketing Mix – The 7 P’s of Marketing plus p 8 planet!
  • the 8 P’s for sustainable marketing

Method pool

We use these methods individually in coordination with our clients or offer them on request as separate workshops or individual offers:

Consensus moderation
Lego serious play
Walk & talk

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