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We enter a safe, non-judgemental, protected, sacred space. Where souls meet, an invitation is given, an invitation may be accepted, and a dance of soul-storytelling begins.

If you or a loved one (furred family member included), no matter the age gender, or sexuality, are finding yourself/selves in the midst of a struggle…or a few, and are looking for an unconventional, yet complimentary, self-assisting approach….I would like to offer my services.

Whether the struggle(s) affects you in a physiological, emotional, physical, mental, all together psycho-spiritual way, I wish to offer my assistance…to you.

My name is Sarah Bannwart, I am originally Californian, Swiss by marriage and have lived in Switzerland 9 years.

Shamanic Practitoner, Craniosacral Energy Worker, Massage Practitioner, Montessori Teacher, Singer, Mother, Wife,….regardless of the titles, I can only be myself, feeling within, and continuing the work of ancestors.

Began in California, based in Luzern. Practice in Kriens, as well as in Zermatt. I have also assisted(before Covid) in group work in Austria, Germany, and in Italy, and will continue again in 2022.

There is no plan, yet it begins with your first step, recognizing the need or desire for assistance, your own inquiry. We then connect by phone, WhatsApp, or email. We set a time, you arrive, we meet. You may wish to share your story……or not, either way, I will follow where you lead. I follow what is felt. A session can be with gentle touch, with words, silence, gentle movement, massage, even dance…it’s up to what is needed, what is possible in that moment…for you.

What I have assisted with•any age•any gender•non gender•transgender•gay•lesbian•anxiety•personal crisis•mild to moderate depressions•phobia(s)•birth traumas(child &mother&father)• childhood traumas•accidents•emotionally feeling unable to move•pre/postnatal•burnout•support for chronic pain issues•support for post cancer treatments•support for our beloved animal friends(dogs, horses, open to others)•cleansing spaces•end of life transitions•group work

•Receiving referrals from acquainted physicians, and other therapists••••

•member of Mental Health Initiative (LC)

All conversations via voice or message, email, names, meetings, are confidential. What happens before, during, post session(s), stays in session(s).

Offered in English. I do have a good understanding of simple High German, Swiss German.

SMS’s, emails, can also be written in German if desired.

**Many German/Swiss German speaking clients I have assisted feel that their English is not so good, and feel somewhat embarrassed. I feel the same way about my German.😉😂

I’m willing to show up regardless.

The focus of our sessions is not how well one pronounces words, or how well one’s grammar is. Please don’t let language be the barrier which holds the spirit of you, back from receiving assistance. Energy existed before words were brought into life.

I have yet to meet or assist someone where I have not found a way to communicate with them. If one can allow themselves to be open, and energetically we can feel trust, and safety between us…that’s all that is needed to begin.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this post. Should anything have resonated with you, may you feel enough courage to reach out to me with questions by PM, WhatsApp, or call 079 962 2556 


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