Save money skiing: our top tips this ski season

Whether you’ve been skiing your whole life or just starting out and learning the ropes, there’s no better place (we think at least!) than Switzerland to find some of the most beautiful ski resorts. However they tend to come at a cost, with day passes ranging from 50 CHF to almost 100 CHF per person depending on the resort. 

But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a few ideas that could help save you some money this year.


If you will be skiing multiple times throughout the season then you might want to consider a Schneepass. It’s a ski subscription which offers unlimited skiing in Central Switzerland, valid in 15 snow sports areas. It also offers up to 50% discount in other resorts. Besides saving some money you can all avoid the queues and head-up for just a few hours.

Prices on the website start at 535 CHF for children, 835 CHF for young adults and 1,195 CHF for adults. Find out more here.


This pass is from Ticketcorner. You pay CHF 6.- for your pass and then can buy tickets to 70 ski resorts, with discounts, from an app on your phone in the comfort of your home. This means you can also avoid queues at the cable cars and head straight to the ticket barrier. Find out more here.


For those using public transportation, Snow’n’Rail is a great option to save some money. SBB lists a wide range of offers on their website, offering up to 30% discount on different resorts. Including a ‘Ski for free every Saturday’ offer at Aletsch Arena. More information can be found on the SBB website.


If you already have a GA or a Half Fare Travelcard you can also buy day tickets to ski resorts. Ticket prices for a one-day pass vary widely from one ski resort to another. Generally speaking, the more days you buy the better an offer you will get.

Half-day Pass

If you sleep in, then it might make sense to only get a ticket starting from 12.00 onwards as they are cheaper. If you are staying in a resort overnight, your guest card should entitle you to a discount. Alternatively, if you book in advance you can often find cheaper deals!

Season/Year Pass

If you want to stick to one ski resort, then consider getting a seasonal or year pass. Almost all ski resorts offer discounts on these types of passes, even adding an extra discount if purchased before the season starts.

Happy skiing!

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