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Recycling in Luzern – explanation in English…

I was recently trying to find out how to dispose of a mattress and came across this short video in English on the REAL website (the company in charge of waste in Kanton Luzern) which explains how the system works.

I’ve lived in Luzern for over a year now and, have to admit, that I’ve never properly understood what, where and how I can recycle so found this video very useful (even if I discovered that I have been breaking some of the rules, oops!).

The rest of the website is in German but does include a map which allows you to click on each Gemeinde to find out what the collection days are and where your nearest Ökihof is.  There’s also a link to a PDF document which lists all of the outlets that sell the official ‘Abfallsäcke’ (the blue waste bags).

Another useful website to help you find your nearest recycling stations is the Recycling Map. You can even download their app to your iphone or ipad.