Your step to step guide: Pregnancy

The pregnancy test is positive now what? Here is your step-by-step guide of what you need to know and do to welcome your little bundle of joy to Luzern


Register with an Ob/GYN & midwife

Schedule your first appointment:

  • First appointment is at seven weeks

Join a prenatal fitness class:

  • Prenatal yoga in English
  • Mom in Balance offers fitness classes during pregnancy.

Book your preferred prenatal course:

  • Group courses in Swiss German: Your midwife will be able to provide details on courses available in your area.
  • Courses are available in English on demand at mamamundo
  • The Kantonspital provides courses in foreign languages (sadly not english yet)
  • Group courses in English:

In Zurich

Pre-register your baby for health insurance:

  • By pre-registering your baby you will avoid having to prove there aren’t any pre-existing conditions, which might ultimately raise your insurance rates

Visit the hospital:

  • There are two main hospitals in Luzern:
  • Kantonsspital (public)
  • St. Anna (private)
  • Both offer tours of the birthing rooms and accommodation
  • Arrangements to attend either hospital are made through your gynecologist

St Anna:

  • Doctors associated with Klinik St. Anna will be able to deliver your baby


  • In emergency situations, patients are generally sent to Kantonsspital as it has a neonatal unit
  • You will be designated the on-duty doctor for your delivery

Alternative birthing practices:

  • It is also possible to arrange alternative birthing practices such as home births

File for maternity pay:

  • If you have worked for five of the nine months in which you were pregnant and were insured with the AHV for the nine months, you are entitled to maternity pay from the government
  • Forms can be requested from your employer

Know your maternity rights at work:

  • If you feel overwhelmed at work, talk to your doctor. He/she will give you a note, which will reduce your working hours but not your pay

Monthly stipend from the Kanton:

  • Ensure the primary income earner files for their monthly stipend (around CHF 200.–)
  • Forms can be requested from your employer

Birth allowance:

  • If the primary income earner works in Luzern, you can get a one-off payment of CHF 1,000.– upon the arrival of your child


Contact your midwife:

  • Your midwife will visit you as soon as you are out of hospital
  • You are allowed between 10 and 12 visits with the midwife, which the insurance fully covers

Find a paediatrician:

  • Your first check-up should be at one month, so book your appointment early

Contact your Mütter- und Väterberatung:

  • You can call them with questions about anything relating to your child and on certain days and times you can drop in.

House visits are available upon request

  • The hospital will provide you with the details

It is highly recommend to do a back to fitness course.

Join a playgroup:

  • The LiLi Centre has a weekly group which meets on Friday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30 and welcomes anyone with newborns to toddlers.

Join our online Facebook mothers’ group.


[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] My experience at Klinik St. Anna was faultless. St. Anna has best been described as staying in a hotel and my experience of both the facilities and staff can certainly vouch for this. The staff kept me very well informed and extremely relaxed. After my son was born, they were always on hand to help and give advice. I was also treated to a four-course meal with my husband in their restaurant, while they looked after my little boy. By the time I went home, I really don’t think I could have been more relaxed. It was an outstanding experience.

“It was absolutely fantastic! I wanted a water birth, which was available, but in the end couldn’t have one as I was induced. I never the less had big balls to sit on, ropes hanging from the ceiling for support, aromatherapy, back massage, you name it!” [/perfectpullquote]

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