Pick your movie for the big screen!

Do you miss watching some of the great smaller movies that don’t make it to the big screen here, or would you love to watch that new kids movie in original version in Lucerne, or have the feeling of getting a private screening of a golden oldie? Gokino.ch is a crowdfunding screening project launched by Cinergy Ag in Zürich and after a test phase it is now operational in several cities including Luzern and Zug.

The principal is quite straightforward, the local cinemas offer slots for rent on specific days, you pick the movie you’d like to see, select the language you want to see it in and then tell your friends about it, if 50 of you sign up, the film will be shown on that date. Be sure to choose a slot sufficiently in advance so that when enough people sign up, the company has time to set things up (i.e. get screening rights etc..). To ensure enough people do sign-up, I would suggest taking full advantage of our facebook group and/or setting up a meet-up event for it. The tickets cost CHF 16.-

I believe that with our large expat community we can take full advantage of this service and bring even more culture here.

Looking forward to catching up on some great movies in the coming months!!

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