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The Phrontistery – a thinking place

Although the LiLi Centre is the spiritual home of Living in Luzern, other venues exist in Luzern that are worth acknowledging and visiting. The Phrontistery is one of those. Run by the ever sunny and boundlessly optimistic Neda and born out of the desire to help individuals re-connect with themselves, the community and the world around them; The Phrontistery, a “thinking place”, offers an array of activities for all to enjoy.

At the Hexenstiege base in Luzern (The Witches Stairs), all are invited in to relax, think, create and to participate.

The Lounge, a small safe space away from home; stores an array of items for you to browse through and play with or even to purchase and enjoy at home. It’s also a hub of warmth and gentle activity where you will occasionally find readings and low key acoustic music events

The Workshop space is dynamic and ever changing as the sun fades away. During the day, all are welcome to craft, work or study.

The Urban Grotto, located at the rear of the space, is littered with soft lighting and raw qualities that provide the perfect setting for art exhibitions, summer documentary nights and secret rendezvous.

There are drinks available for you to enjoy whilst you enjoy The Lounge, The Workshop or The Urban Grotto.

Please place at least one franc of your donation directly into the Wasser Für Wasser collection pot when drinking tea/coffee/drinking water.
Neda @ The Phrontistery

Beim Häxestäge, Löwenplatz 6 6004 Luzern

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.