People making a difference – meet Lina

Lina has been with The LiLi Centre from the beginning. It began six years ago when she met Charlie, Managing Director, at a coffee morning. It went so well the following day she was filming an interview with the Luzern Theater’s new director and then, as she said, she never left LiLi after that. She is now the Vice-President.

When Lina first arrived in Switzerland from Lithuania, she was applying for Communication and Branding jobs that she felt she was perfect for, but with no luck. She soon realised that she didn’t have experience in the Swiss job market or any contacts and decided to volunteer to gain the experience, step by step. It was the correct decision as she is now a Global Brand and Communication Director for Asia.

Although Lina lives in Zug, she has always worked in Lucerne and is also a member of the Stadt Luzern committee. She said, “I feel more at home here. My favourite mountain is Pilatus and I have developed a strong connection with it.”

She continued, “Lucerne is the perfect place for integrating, learning about traditions and meeting both local and international people. There are spectacular views to explore and it is where I met my friends and beat that feeling of loneliness.” Lucerne is also where she contributed to the publication of the first LiLi Centre book, Settling in Lucerne, and with her first cover illustration.

To Lina, the centre is her second home. It’s a safe space where she knows she won’t be judged for her choices and where she can get any support she needs without too many questions.

For the centre’s birthday wishes, Lina hopes that it never loses its purpose of support and help in the community. She shares, “I hope for recognition and growth for the amazing group of people that have volunteered through the last six years and that the support of The LiLi Centre continues as the centre will never give up on helping others. And, I am celebrating my sixth year too.”

Lily Töngi-Andrews

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