Coronavirus/Covid-19 testing centres around Lucerne

UPDATED: With the Covid Certifcate in place and people wanting to travel, more and more people need to be tested. We have updated the testing centre locations accordingly.

For those who need to test to be able to enjoy going to a restaurant or club you can now also get tested at the:

Schweizerhof Hotel – the hotel now offers testing in the Rigi Train compartment. You can sign up here for an appointment.

Astoria Hotel – Offers testing Tuesday and Thursday over lunchtime and Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Ace Café in Rothenburg also offers tests.

You can also book appointments on the onedoc website.

The coronatest24 centres now offer specific appointments for families.

You get a comprehensive overview of tests centres for the whole canton here.

Planning to travel, one must check the rules both for entering the destination country and returning to Switzerland, as these may differ.

Most common requirements to look for are eligibility and conditions to travel, pre-travel tracing forms, testing and possible quarantine. It is always advisable to contact your airline and the authorities of the destination country and Switzerland right before you travel, as requirements tend to change a lot.

Most destination countries now require a negative COVID-19 test.

So, where could you get one in Lucerne, and what to watch out for?

Here is my personal small research for my recent trip abroad. It is not extensive and please also check with a competent authority before booking/traveling.

Most often testing requirements are:

  • Recency of COVID19 test. Most countries require the test to be not older than 48-72 hours. Careful: Especially for long haul trips, make sure to clarify with authorities if that is from the landing or boarding time (yes, there is a time stamp on the test results)! Make sure to also double check with the testing facility if they can guarantee this, as response time may vary according to testing demand. Also make sure to book your test in advance, as slots tend to fill up quickly.
  • Type of test– is a rapid test acceptable or should it be a PCR (most often)?
  • Any specific requirements for the report (eg. accepted language, passport number). Check with the testing center if they provide these options and request these in writing on the testing form application.

You will have to pay for your test on your own as tests for traveling are considered Wunschtests– elective- and are not covered by BAG or your insurance company.

The easiest way to find out your options and book an appointment is on

For the Kantonspital you can see availability and book appointments on the website.

Here is a short summary of some testing centers around Lucerne. This is not an exhaustive list; your GP could also possibly test you or advise you on other testing options. Please note that drive ins in Lucerne do not perform elective tests for travel.

If you have other suggestions, please share them with the community!

Testing Center (click for link) Cost Important test center specifics Children testing Results in   This can vary, check before booking Special requirements on report possible?
Synlab Luzern   PCR- CHF133.50 Should not have any symptoms From 14 years old *PCR Max 36 hours *Yes: Passport number, English/German/French/Italian
Benu Bahnhof Luzern PCR- CHF 163.50 (CHF57.50 for the swab and CHF 106.00 for the lab)   Rapid test- CHF57.50 Any changes to the appointment need to be made until 19.00 the previous evening, otherwise will be charged CHF30 From 12 years old *PCR 24-36 hours *Yes: Passport number, English
Covid19-Test TopPharm Dr. Schmid’s See Apotheke   PCR- CHF 163.50 (CHF57.50 for the swab and CHF 106.00 for the lab)   Rapid test- CHF57.50 From 12 years old PCR 24-36 hours   Rapid test 1-2 hours and for +CHF10 a report for travelling can be provided Yes: test results possible in German, English, Italian for an extra CHF10
Kantonspital Luzern  (Luzern, Wolhusen, Sursee) *PCR- CHF 195 Might not always have availability within 24hours for elective tests due to limited capacity.   From 16 years old *PCR within 48 hrs *Yes: English (must confirm about passport number when booking, they were not sure)
Kantonsspital Nidwalden Corona-Testcenter   *PCR- CHF 175   Rapid Test- CHF115 Need to fill out the form and take it with you together with your insurance card *From 12 Years old * PCR within 24 hours *Yes: English and passport number on report possible

Source: Information provided by onedoc and/or testing center website.

Information with (*) provided by testing center by phone. These may change. Please check again before booking.

On the day of the test bring your insurance card (even though they do not pay for it you will need the information) and a form of identification. Also note that some testing centers charge between CHF20-30 for no-shows!

Testing at Zurich airport

There are also various testing possibilities at Zurich airport, varying in results’ time (PCR between 5 to 48hours/ Rapid tests usually within 15 min) and price (PCR between CHF195-CHF240/ Rapid tests between CHF80-CHF180). Most testing centers require you to have no symptoms. You can find all the options here

Returning to Switzerland

Returning to Switzerland check with the BAG requirements on quarantine, testing and entry form and if you do not hold a swiss passport, make sure you have your residence permit with you, as you might need it to be allowed back in!

Have a safe trip!

A massive thank you to Nadia Baltazzi for having compiled this article for us!

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