Changes to Swiss payment transactions by end of September

Switzerland’s red and orange payment slips will soon be part of Swiss history and replaced by QR code bills. These changes mean Switzerland will be brought into alignment with the new ISO 20022 standard, an open global standard for financial information.

As the payment slips are phased out, the current parallel phase allows slips to be accepted and processed until 30 September 2022. From 1 October 2022 only QR bills will be accepted for all payments.

QR code payments:

  • The QR code contains all relevant payment information when scanned.
  • QR bill payments can still be made in the same ways: e-banking, mobile-banking, as a physical payment order, at post office counters and their branch partners or by post.
  • The payment section can still be separated from the invoice for ease of payment.
  • Paper/PDF invoices can be used for payments as long as guidelines have been followed by the vendor.

QR code invoices:

  • For businesses and sole traders, invoicing guidelines for the QR bill standards can be found on the following PDF: Swiss Implementation Guidelines for the QR-bill.
  • Financial institutions have been supporting businesses and sole traders to be ready for the deadline on 30 September 2022 to ensure a smooth transition.

For further information, most frequently asked questions and answers can be found here: Payment Standards.CH FAQ.

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