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Looking for work in Switzerland as a foreigner can be a challenge, particularly when you may not yet speak the local language to a business or fluent level which can limit your opportunities. There are, however, English positions available throughout the country. Many of these jobs are highly skilled specialist positions and the competition can be high. There are also job quotas to be aware of in how many foreigners can be hired, but the good news is that the Federal Government recently ‘adopted a series of measures to optimise the admission of qualified workers from third countries’.

If you’ve been looking for work you know that looking online is a necessary part of your job search. Where to look, and how you should approach applying for the position, are where we can help you optimise your online job search.

There are several online search tools:

Job Search offers jobs at management level. The website is in English.

English Jobs in Switzerland: search for English speaking professional opportunities by canton or city.

I Am Expat: again for English speaking jobs that can be searched for by city and canton. You can create an email alert for specific positions you are interested in. is very straightforward, you enter what you are looking for and the post code or town where you are looking. You can post your resume on here after signing up. probably the most popular site used in Switzerland. You can provide your C.V. and create job alerts. A mobile app is available and the site is in English.

Jobscout24: the site is in German, French and English and they suggest registration will make your job search easier. There is a job search guide available and an app for your smartphone. a worldwide job search engine that asks for your location. The Swiss version is in German and there is an app available. Like most job search engines registration makes it easier. a local portal for Central Switzerland in German.

The Local: for English-language jobs in Switzerland. You can search by job category or location.

Upwork: work as a freelancer and post your profile and C.V. on Upwork. You can refine your search to positions in Switzerland. is the local newspaper’s job portal, the jobs offered here are specific to Central Switzerland, and in German.

Career Guidance the official Swiss portal for information on vocational, academic and career guidance. The most important educational pathways are explained and links to career guidance services in each canton is provided. The site is in German, French and Italian.

Online Networking is the online business networking platform and if you haven’t already got a profile here be sure to do it now. Once you have set up your profile and your professional background, Linkedin will start offering you jobs that match your profile. It’s a bit hit and miss, but who knows the right opportunity might turn up. is the Swiss equivalent and probably makes equal sense for you to have a profile here and join as many groups as you can. Be sure to join our J.I.F.F. group as well as the official local Xing group: XING Ambassador Gruppe Zentralschweiz. In both cases, the free membership is enough to start with.

InterNations: is the local expat business network in Lucerne, they have regular meetings where you can make business contacts.

Whenever you go to any event be sure to have some business cards to hand out, and remember it might happen in a bar or restaurant as you could be talking to a future employer or colleague so be professional, friendly and not too pushy.


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