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This Sunday September 27 is going to be a busy day at the urns. Not only have we 5 issues to vote on nationally (which you can read about here and here) but another 3 topics to vote on specific to Lucerne. We explain these for you here. Spange Nord Stoppen This is a strange case: this initiative was put forward by people who wanted to prevent the city from building an entrance/exit to the highway in the nothern part of the city. After looking into it, the local government agreed with the initiative, so in effect we are being asked to vote yes by both the initiators of this referendum and the local government. Concretely this is about expanding the highway system

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On Sunday February 9th there will be three referendums for people to vote on. "Die

On Friday January 31st at 23.00 the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. We

Here are the results of yesterday's election.

This Sunday is election day! Not only will the nation be voting in a new

At the end of this week, the Swiss will be going to the urns to

On the 12th of February there will be a referendum to make it easier for

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