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Despite lockdowns and whatever else is happening in the world, time waits for no one and tonight we will be

As a special treat, we have put together this Swiss advent calendar for you to make the very most of this holiday season. Enjoy! 1. From November 19: Rudolf's Christmas at Lucerne's Inseli-Park. Embrace the winter vibe with food, Christmas market, children's activities, and more. Make sure to check out

Last week we wrote about today's referendums (You can read that post here). The results are in and reserving some surprises. Ja zum Verhüllungsverbot - Yes to forbiding face covering This motion was voted in by 52%, meaning that women will no longer be allowed to wear full face coverage when going

As of January 1st 2021, Switzerland will enforce the following driving rules: Highways: Overtaking on the right: During traffic jams, accidents or slow downs it will now be allowed to overtake on the right lane, but only as part of the traffic flow. Going into the right lane specifically to overtake a