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Around 800 000 adults struggle to read and write correctly in Switzerland. The Swiss government wants to tackle the

The government has just announced that the current measures will be extended until end of February and that further measures need to be put into place. This because the two new virus variants are highly contagious (up to 50 to 70%) and they want to prevent this spread as the

As of January 1st 2021, Switzerland will enforce the following driving rules: Highways: Overtaking on the right: During traffic jams, accidents or slow downs it will now be allowed to overtake on the right lane, but only as part of the traffic flow. Going into the right lane specifically to overtake a

Because the number of cases are still going up and the hospitals are reaching a crisis level, the government has decided to implement the following measures nationally beginning Tuesday December 22 until at least January 22. Restaurants will be closed with no exceptions for the holidays. Only company and school canteens