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Despite lockdowns and whatever else is happening in the world, time waits for no one and tonight we will be

As of June 25, Switzerland has its own proximity tracing app and at the time of publishing it has already been downloaded over 300 000 times. Here are some things you should know: Where can I download the App? The app is found in both Apple and Android App Stores. Its called

Today the government has announced the following: as the daily numbers of cases have fallen from 1000 cases to 10 to 15 the country can look at a further easing of restrictions. As of today older people can resume life as normal again such as looking after their grandchildren. Social Distancing

The government has announced that as of June 15 it will open its borders to ALL EU/EFTA countries. This means that people will be allowed to travel to these different countries for non-essential reasons (i.e. for holidays). But beware this does not mean that ALL EU/EFTA countries are accepting tourists.