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Around 800 000 adults struggle to read and write correctly in Switzerland. The Swiss government wants to tackle the

Today the government made the following announcement with regards to the restrictions being lifted from Monday April 19: Restaurants and bars may open terraces: Seating is mandatory and masks may be removed only during consumption. A maximum of four people are allowed per table. Contact information must be collected from all

Last week we wrote about today's referendums (You can read that post here). The results are in and reserving some surprises. Ja zum Verhüllungsverbot - Yes to forbiding face covering This motion was voted in by 52%, meaning that women will no longer be allowed to wear full face coverage when going

The government has just announced that the current measures will be extended until end of February and that further measures need to be put into place. This because the two new virus variants are highly contagious (up to 50 to 70%) and they want to prevent this spread as the