New Duty Free rules

Important news for all travelers, as of July 1st there will be new rules in place as to what is allowed to be imported into Switzerland.


You will be allowed to import up to 5 litres of wine per person and every extra litre will only cost CHF 2.-.You can still import 1 litre of hard liquor.


There are also new rules regarding meat. There will be no more differentiation between fresh or cured meat, but the quantity is now 1 kilo of meat regardless of what it is. Game is treated as a separate type of meat and would not be included in the 1 kilo.


You will be allowed to import 250 cigarettes or cigars or 250 grams of tobacco instead of the 200 to date.

Duty Free

The following products will remain or become duty free: milk and milk produce, eggs, cut flowers, vegetables, fruits and cereal products. Also seafood and fish. As usual you can import CHF 300.- worth of goods duty free; anything above this you will have to be pay duty on and alcoholic beverages as well as tobacco goods are now included in this sum.

The customs office are stressing that the sole purpose of these changes is to simplify customs forms and they are hoping that in the near future you will even be able to fill out forms on smartphones before you get to customs. If you need more information go to their official website. But remember this will only come into effect as of July 1st, until then the current rules apply, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 2 litres of wine or beer, 500 grs of fresh meat and 3.5 kilos of “cured” meat.

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