New Driving Rules in 2021

As of January 1st 2021, Switzerland will enforce the following driving rules:


Overtaking on the right: During traffic jams, accidents or slow downs it will now be allowed to overtake on the right lane, but only as part of the traffic flow. Going into the right lane specifically to overtake a vehicule is still against the law.

Emergency corridor: Drivers will be expected to create an emergency corridor for emergency vehicules by hugging the side of their lane as much as possible (without going into the emergency lane).

Caravans: will now be allowed to drive at 100 km/h so long as the caravan weighs no more than 3.5 tons.

Merging lanes: It will now be mandatory to let vehicles in merging lanes come into the remaining lane. This following the zipper principle: one merging car at a time between two cars in the remaining lane.

Alcohol: will now be allowed to be sold and served in rest areas.

In town:

Cyclist and moped will now be allowed to turn right at a red light under the right circumstances (safety of others and themselves).

Towns are encouraged to create a cyclist buffer zone at red lights when no cyclist lanes are available. This will allow the cyclists to be made visible to drivers so that there is less danger when the red light turns green.

Cyclists up to the age of 12 will be allowed to ride on the right side of the pavement so long as there is no cyling lane and they do not imped the pedestrians.

Driver’s licence:

A passed theory test is now valid for an unlimited period of time. The application for a learner’s permit can be made at the age of 17 instead of 18. But anyone under 20 who wants to take the practical driver’s test must have gained at least one year’s driving experience with the learner’s permit.

Highway Vignette:

Remember to purchase your highway vignette before the end of January 2021 or risk being fined. The vignette can be bought at any gas station, post office and many supermarkets and kiosks.

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